Standards of Excellence

Bolt Tennis was founded on the pure desire to make tennis players better! Our approach is not fancy, flashy or intended to sell. It is based on identifying how to build a player from the foundation up. We fundamentally believe that work starts in training, well before the match ever starts. Preparation is the key to all success.


Although drilling and rote skill production are ESSENTIAL, we want our players to develop a love for the game combined with winning traits that they can put to practical use. Applying and honing a newly developed slice backhand, or choosing an important shot selection pattern during a tenuous match are only improved on when they are put into pressured situations and applied to real life scenarios.

Our coaching process is founded on making players independent so they that can think and react for themselves in crucial situations. This develops the whole player and can be applied to life in general. With a huge emphasis on stroke production, players can fine tune their game to adapt to their age and level.

These same principles are used when coaching our ITF Junior “Apex” Team and our “Pro Touring Team”. Bolt Tennis Academy proudly coaches and manages 4 ATP players who are achieving the highest level in Tennis. We use the same method with our juniors as we do with the Pros, and that is to build off the positive and give them confidence to grow, on and off the court.

Affordable Rates

Programs customized to fit your budget. Affordable to families.

Customized Programs

High Performance
Comprehensive Fitness
Pro Team
UTR Certified
Housing Provided (additional cost)


Two Locations
Two Surfaces for Tournament Prep
Newly resurfaced Pro Length Courts
Standalone Courts - no banks
State of the Art LED Lighting
Hitting Walls

World Class Coaches

Over 50 Years Experience

The Team.

Oscar Beich
Oscar Beich
Director of Tennis / OWNER
Jesse Schwartz
Jesse Schwartz
Buddy Strawn
Buddy Strawn
Head Coach
Molly Schwartz
Molly O'Brien Schwartz
assistant Coach
Frankie James
Frankie James
Fitness Trainer
Kevin Major
Kevin Major
JR. ATP Pro Touring Player
William Bushamuka
William Bushamuka
ATP Pro Touring Player
Hank Hill
Hank Hill
Belal Mansour
assistant Coach
Kiah Turner
Kiah Turner
assistant Coach
Carter Quigley
Carter Quigley
assistant Coach
Stef Beich
event + TECH

Private Services

Private Lessons
Our students will be encouraged to follow a private lesson schedule and regimen that will focus on stroke production and world class technique. Private instruction is offered seven days a week. We offer 30, 60, and 90 minute lessons to players requiring individualized attention to maximize their growth and learning potential. Private lessons are scheduled individually and pricing varies based on specific coaches and frequency.
Weighting Racquets
With over 30 years experience, Bolt Tennis Academy can help you optimize and customize your racquets. Staying current to new inventory and racquet standards is essential in making your equipment work best for you and your game.
Bolt Tennis Academy provides our players with the highest level MRT stringers in Tampa. Our Stringers have strung over 30,000 rackets, including personalized stringing for multiple top ATP 50 players. We pride ourselves on  bringing the highest standards. Fast turnaround time and flexibility is what sets us apart.
Ball Machine Rental
The Playmate Slam Ball Machine with serve as an essential part of MJS Tennis. This elite machine helps players from ATP Professionals to novice players work on their game. This tool which launches up to 120 MPH serves of varying degrees, angles and spins. This machine can be rented for personal or group usage.

My daughter Makayla was struggling in school and ever since she started playing tennis with coach Molly, she has been an amazing student and her confidence has went up. Mrs. Molly is a very caring, and amazing coach. We will be with her for many years. We love Mrs. Molly. Best team to be on.
We mean that you're an amazing lady, mom and coach.
D. Burger
MJS Tennis is helping my kids with tennis lessons and they are very professional and have great instructors. They are able to work with all age levels and will definitely help improve your kid’s game no matter the skill level. My kids started during the pandemic so it has been a blessing when there is no social interaction with other kids. Kids get to play sometimes with older kids which is a great learning opportunity for them.
We are beyond excited to have found Coach Molly and her amazing team at MJS Tennis. Our daughter Natalia, at 5yrs old decided she wanted to learn to play tennis and boy can she! Molly has made it so much fun and educational. Her team is encouraging and patient with the little ones and all the kids have so much fun. Our daughter looks forward to her lessons each week and now her brother Calixto, age 9 has also taken an interest and is learning and playing with Coach Molly and team. Thank you for all you do, we really appreciate it as do the kids!
My boys started training with Jesse and Molly at the age of 7. In the past few years, we’ve had the amazing fortune of participating in their whole line up of services: evening classes, homeschool classes, camps, private lessons, and tournaments. I cannot say enough about how our family has grown under their care. We adore our tennis family and look forward to many more years of success with them!
Erin McEachern
Simply a wonderful experience for children! They have no idea how much they're learning about life, tennis and important development because they're having too much fun along the way! Coach Molly has a unique approach that has done wonders for our kids - THANK YOU for all you do!
MJS was our son's first exposure to playing the sport of tennis. After Coach Molly's initial complimentary private meeting and session with him, we knew that MJS was a great fit for our son. Each lesson is a combination of skill drills, rallying and fun games. Within the few months that our son has been with MJS, he has gained a sense of confidence in his ability to play tennis, while having a ton of fun along the way!

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