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Private Services

Private Lessons 

Our students will be encouraged to follow a private lesson schedule and regimen that will focus on stroke production and world class technique. Private instruction is offered seven days a week. We offer 30, 60, and 90 minute lessons to players requiring individualized attention to maximize their growth and learning potential.

Private lessons are scheduled individually and pricing varies based on specific coaches and frequency.


Weighting Racquets

With over 30 years experience, Bolt Tennis Academy can help you optimize and customize your racquets. Staying current to new inventory and racquet standards is essential in making your equipment work best for you and your game.



Bolt Tennis Academy provides our players with the highest level MRT stringers in Tampa. Our Stringers have strung over 30,000 rackets, including personalized stringing for multiple top ATP 50 players. We pride ourselves on  bringing the highest standards. Fast turnaround time and flexibility is what sets us apart.


Ball Machine Rental

The Playmate Slam Ball Machine with serve as an essential part of MJS Tennis. This elite machine helps players from ATP Professionals to novice players work on their game. This tool which launches up to 120 MPH serves of varying degrees, angles and spins. This machine can be rented for personal or group usage.

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