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Tennis Practice

Common Questions

At what age do players start tennis?

We start students at 3 years old.

When are camps offered for juniors?

Do I need a racket and balls?

No, we provide the equipment including racquets of various sizes and weights and all essential equipment like balls.

Do you offer weekend camps for adults?

Yes, throughout the year. Call to reserve.

Any time school is out of session, we offer a camp.

Can my 5 year old attend camp?

Yes, we encourage students as young as 5 to participate.

How big are the class sizes?

Class sizes vary throughout the year and are very much dependent on weather. We try to maintain a 6 to 1 ratio.

Do you offer classes in other areas?

Are tennis specific shoes required?

Are evening classes offered in the summer?

Yes, MJS Tennis offers evening classes 12 months a year. Even during camp time, we offer evening classes.

What does a day at summer camp look like?

How long are the classes?

Most classes are one hour for groups. Junior Sprouts and Sprout are 30 minutes. More advanced classes can go for up to an hour.

Yes, we are happy to travel at an additional charge.

Students will play approximately 2 hours of tennis daily. A short snack break is taken after the first hour on the playground. Students wanting to stay on the courts and train are encouraged as well!

Can someone else pick up my child like in a car pool?

Tennis specifics shoes are NOT required! Only comfortable athletic shoes.

If someone other than the parent is dropping off, written permission from the parent is required.

Do you offer weekend camps for adults?

What should my child bring to summer camp?

Yes, throughout the year. Call to reserve.

Tennis Practice

Summer camp essential gear!

Comfortable outfit to play & run similar to clothing worn in P.E.

Comfortable athletic shoes

Bath suite





Flip Flops

What extras will my child need at camp?

Summer camp gear to consider:


Hair ties for longer hair

Sweat bands

Change of clothes

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